Herdade de Castros is a family business, which owns its own production. Our goal is to obtain an excellent olive oil.

Herdade De Castros Olive Oil is produced exclusively in Integrated Production Mode, on the plains of Northern Alentejo, near the Spanish border. With an area of ​​about 400 ha, where its clay-limestone soils are very rich and deep. The Olive Varieties used for its preparation are Olive, Carrasquenha, Galega, Picual and Cobrançosa. The climate in this region is very hot and dry in summer (around 40 °) and cold in winter (around 4 °). All these edapho-climatic and varietal characteristics will influence the oils that normally have low acidity, are moderately fruity and Spicy, very pleasant to the taste, greenish yellow in the beginning of the campaign suggesting green leaf aroma, fresh grass and apple flavor, and yellow in the case of the most mature reminiscent of dried fruits.


Production of olive oil and processing of canned olives, enhancing the olive industry for products lovers with a strong identity of the territory of Campo Maior, with a differentiated quality.

Establish itself as a company that seeks to differentiate itself in the market with a unique product range that stands out from the common products purchased by consumers.

Quality, dissemination and promotion of products produced in Campo Maior territory and in the North Alentejo region.

PRAA has implemented its Food Quality and Safety Management Systems at its industrial unit, based on ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2005, respectively, to ensure regular monitoring and control of its activity to ensure the making of safe food products for human consumption, maintaining desired quality standards and ensuring compliance with applicable requirements.
PRAA is committed to the continuous improvement of its Management Systems, its effectiveness and the food safety and quality of its P&S, supported by the pursuit of the following objectives:

• Reduction of withdrawal situations and hazard occurrences;
• High customer satisfaction;
• Get safe products for consumption in all campaigns;
• Maintain / improve the quality standards of your products and services;
• High control in terms of food safety during all processes, particularly during packaging;
• Increased sales in domestic and foreign markets;
• Mobilize attitudes and behaviors of its employees and suppliers that optimize food safety;
• Reduction of operational and organizational nonconformities.


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